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Vol.4 Issue.01 Jan, 2024

1. Roles of Molecular Marker in Varietal Identification
Ahamad et al                    Download

2. Importance of Germplasm in Plant Breeding
Ahamad et al                 Download

3. Edible Mushrooms: The Green revolution in Agriculture - Cultivation for a Sustainable future
Digna A. Patel                 Download

5.Constraints of camel farming in arid and semi-arid zones of India
Yadav et al                Download

6.Nutritional management of Milk Fever
Mahicha et al                Download

7.Successful surgical management of intussusception at ILEO- CAECO-COLIC JUNCTION Kaushal at al                Download

8.Nutritional Potential of edible mushroom: A Powerhouse of Health Benefits
Kumar and Singh                Download

9.Nutritional management of stress in poultry
Thakur et al              Download

9.Nutritional management of stress in poultry
Thakur et al              Download

10. Embryo Transfer and In-Vitro Fertilization in Bovine
Ranjeet Singh et al              Download

11. Pneumonia: a disease that occurs in winter in young calves
Choudhary and Poonia              Download

12. Fowl Cholera
S. Gautam            Download

13.Oral Rabies Vaccine Opportunity and Challenges
Baghel and Dhakarwal              Download

14.The Contribution of Management Techniques and Diet in Increasing Poultry Fertility
Hada and Sharma             Download

15.    मोर:सुंदरता, अनुग्रह, गौरव और रहस्यवाद
Nayak et al              Download

16. INVITRO GRAFTING: A Potential Propagation Technique for Fruit Crops
Anusha Kiran K. N.     Download

17. RNA Interference and their application in Veterinary Parasitology
Yadav and Yadav      Download

18. Isoenzymes and their diagnostic significance
Meena et al             Download

19. Bioinformatics: Benefits To Mankind
Paul and  Shikha   Download

20. Diagnosis and Management of Bordetella bronchiseptica in Dogs and Cats
Rose et al             Download

21. Therapeutic Management of Cardiorenal Syndrome in A Non-Descript Dog
Bairwa et al             Download

22. Lumpy jaw:General overview
Yogi et al             Download

23. Management of Pups
Bairwa et al             Download

24. Collection, Preservation, Identification and Diagnosis of Veterinary Importance Protozoa
Yadav and Yadav             Download

25. सुगंधित वनस्पति से किसान को कम खर्चे में ज्यादा आय
Limbat et al             Download

26. Major Challenges in and Around Protected Areas in India - Addressing it through Forest Management
Madiwalar et al             Download

27. Bovine Ketosis: A General Overview
Yogi et al                        Download

28. Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) Assay as a Diagnostic Tool in Veterinary Medicine
Singh et al                        Download

29. Plants Containing Oxalates
S. Gautam                       Download

30. Wild Animal Restraining
Bairwa et al                    Download

31.Feeding of Cattle and Buffalo During Natural Calamities
Dr. Arjit Anil                    Download

32. Anatomical Aspects Influencing Wool Quality
Gupta et al                    Download

33. A Management of Diaphragmatic Hernia in Buffaloes

Chaudhary et al                    Download

34. Care and Management of Newborn Calf
Rajgor et al                    Download

35. Bamboo Rice and Its Scope for Utilization In Food Industry
Das et al                     Download

36. Cyanide Toxicity in Animals: Understanding Causes, Effects and Mitigation Strategies
Kumawat  et al                    Download

37. Environmental Pollution: A threat to life in the air
 Bissu and  Bissu                    Download

38.Different Protocols for Induction and Synchronization of Estrus
Meena and Kumar                    Download

39.Oil Spill Cleanup: Role of Obligate Hydrocarbonoclastic Bacteria
Sneha et al                     Download

40. Feeding Management of Dairy Animals
Sharma et al                      Download

41. Arjuna: A Magical Indian Tree
Dr. Arjit Anil                      Download

42. मागुर,क्लारिस मागुर(हैमिल्टन, 1822) के लार्वा उत्पादन, और स्वास्थ्य प्रबंधन

 शर्मा & चानू                        Download

43.Follicular Dynamics in mares
Trivedi et al                       Download

44.Analyzing the Avian Threat: A Brief Analysis of Five Viral Pathogens in Poultry
Patel and Patel                       Download

45.Feeding Management of New Born Puppies
Dr.Arjit Anil                       Download

46.क्यासानूर फॉरेस्ट डिज़ीज़/ मंकी फीवर
Kumar et al                     Download

47.नैनो-पदार्थ की दुनिया: छोटे आश्चर्य, बड़ी संभावनाएँ !
Sharma et al   Download

48.The Role of Genetics in Improving Livestock Breeding and Production
Patel et al      Download

49.The Comprehensive Exploration of PCR-RFLP
Patel et al      Download

50.The Role of Epigenetics in Animal Health and Breeding
Patel et al      Download

51.Clostridium perfringens infection in Calves: Prevention and control
Waiz and Gautam      Download

52.Remote sensing for water body mapping and change detection
Tarate et al      Download

53.Indian Origin fruits for nutritional security
Ravindran et al       Download

54. Integumentary Systems In Animals
Yogi et al       Download

55. Ethnoveterinary practices for the treatment and control of mastitis
Chandra and Punia       Download

56.An overview of SNP Chips: Decoding the Blueprint for Genomic Selection in Cattle
Singh et al       Download

57.A Study of degradation of feeds in ruminants: Basic concept and methodology
Komal et al       Download

58. The Benefits of Organic Dairy Farming in India

Bissu and Bissu       Download

59. Embryo Transfer Technology (ETT): A valuable technique to accelerate genetic improvement in cattle

Barwar       Download

60. SILAGE: A Fermented Feed
Bissu and Bissu       Download

61. Theileriosis in Cattle
Faran et al        Download

62. Environmental Justice
Yadav and Yadav        Download

63. Conservation of Goat Population in India
Mishra et al       Download

64. Reproductive Disorders of Canines
Mishra et al       Download

65. Necropsy Procedures and its Interpretations- Postmortem report of Chicken
Choudhary et al      Download

66. Necropsy Procedures and its Interpretations-Postmortem report of traumatic pericarditis in buffalo
Choudhary et al      Download

67.     Necropsy Procedures and its Interpretations-    Postmortem report of Calf
Choudhary et al      Download

68.    Unleashing Wellness: The Crucial Role of Preventive Care in Pet Health
Anil Kumar verma      Download

69.     Pyrethroid Pesticides – As an Endocrine Disrupting Substances  
Devi and Srinu      Download

70.   GLANDERS: a disease of Horse
Bochlya and Anil     Download

71.   Anti-Nutritional Factors in Livestock feeds and its Mitigating Strategies
Kumar and Deepika     Download

72.   Contagious Ecthyma: - Economic losses in Sheep and Goats
Anil and Bochlya   Download

73.       Botulism
Bochlya and Anil  Download

74.       Botulism
Bochlya and Anil  Download

75.       Actinomycosis: Lumpy Jaw Disease in cattle
Anil et al   Download

76.  Post-Partum Hemoglobinuria (PPH) in Bovine
Bissu et al    Download

77.  Gross and histomorphology of Internal Parathyroid Gland of Surti Goat (Capra hircus)
R. Menaka and S. Chaurasia      Download

78.  Use of the residues left after harvesting of Cole crops as bio fumigants for decreasing the incidence of soil born pest diseases in agriculture.
Kumari et al       Download

79.  Green Synthesis of Nanoparticles
Dr. A. Jayasri       Download

80.  त्रिपुरा की टीला भूमि में तिरपाल टैंक आधारित मछली पालन: एक अभिनव मॉडल और सफलता की कहानी

रियांग एट आल        Download

81.      Seaweeds: A Sustainable Revolution in Livestock Feed
Adis Mirel Ahmed        Download

82.      Vaccination in Poultry
Saini et al        Download

83. How to Breed Dogs: Comprehensive Methods and Best Practices
Charitha et al 

84. Bamboo Visitors
Gayathri and Dr. Bimal P. Bashir*

85.Nocturnal visitors around Gothra campus
J S. Balagopal and Dr. Bimal P. Bashir*    Download

86.Highway HAvoc :The Silent Victims 
Vandana Sudhan V  and Dr. Bimal P. Bashir*    Download

87.Insights into Insects
Sankar Narayana Menon T and Dr. Bimal P. Bashir*    Download

88. Lives at Trivandrum Zoo
Devichandana and Dr. Bimal P. Bashir*    Download

89. Butterflies inhabiting KVASU, Pookode
Sushil Thomas David and Dr. Bimal P. Bashir*    Download

90.Migratory Birds Around KVASU
Bitto Baby and Dr. Bimal P. Bashir*    Download

91.The Enigmatic Tapestry: A Day Unraveling Shadows in Gothra
Sankar Devan MS and Dr. Bimal P. Bashir*    Download

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