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Vol.4 Issue.03 March, 2024

1. Application of Artificial Intelligence in drug discovery: A new paradigm in drug     designing
Haritha et al                   Download

2. Winter Management of Chicken
SR Shaikh*                 Download

3. Physiological Adaptation of Small Ruminants to Environmental Heat Stress
Deepika and Preedaa                 Download

4. Uterine torsion in bovines
Paramveer Singh Sangha               Download

5. Unveiling the Impact of Tilapia Lake Virus (TiLV) on Tilapia Cultivation: An In-depth Analysis
Narsale et al               Download

6. Blow Fly- A Indicator Insect in Forensic Entomology for Criminal Investigation
Mahala et al                Download

7. Improving Livelihood of Farmers through Cooperatives: An Ecological Approach
Kumar et al                Download

8. Cheetah Conservation in India
Siddiqui et al               Download

9. The Nutritional Marvel: Why Fish Should Be on Your Plate
Baraiya et al               Download

10. Macroalgae's Role in Mitigating Climate Change
Sapra et al              Download

11. Development of specialized sire and dam lines in poultry
Pushpa and Sindhu             Download

12. Climate Change and Sustainable Agriculture: An Overview
Behera et al           Download

13. Understanding landscape genomics and its significance in genomic research
Ravina et al         Download

14. Revolutionizing Animal Production: The Role of Artificial Neural Networks
Ravina et al         Download

15. How to select superior quality shrimp seed
Lavanya and Neeraja         Download

16.Biogas slurry: Applications and Challenges
NAgdev et al          Download

17.Insects as Companion and Exotic Pet Feed: A New Trend
Mishra et al          Download

18.Potential health benefits of A2 milk against A1 Milk
Sharma et al         Download

19.खत्म हो रहा "फ्लेम ऑफ दी फारेस्ट ट्री" चिंता में वानिकी वैज्ञानिक
अजीत विलियम्स         Download

20.Emergence of 3D Printing as a Revolutionary Food Processing Technique
Brunda et al          Download

21.Packaged food and health risks
Jyothi and Suma   Download

22.मुर्गियों में कॉक्सीडिओसिस रोग
Saini et al    Download

23.Comprehensive Insights into Milk Fever: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention Strategies
Tripti Bhatia     Download

24.Comprehensive Review of Traumatic Pericarditis in cattle
Vijay et al     Download

25.Microbial Spoilage of Meat and Meat Products
Kanwar et al     Download

26.Chenopodium album Linn (Bathua): Review of Health Benefits
Tomar and Anisha     Download

27.Mental Health & Well-being of School Teachers and its Impact on Teaching-Learning Process
Dr Varsha Saini     Download

28.Sex Determination in Aquaculture and its Applications
Krishna and Kranthirekha    Download

29.Exploring the Sensory Revolution: How E-nose Technology is Transforming the Food Industry
Dr. Adis Mirel Ahmed    Download

30.Defects During Conversion of Muscles to Meat
Kanwar et al    Download

31.Dystocia and Its Management in the Bitch

Kanwar and Yadav    Download

32.Advances In Heat Detection Methods in Cattles and Buffaloes

Kanwar and Yadav    Download

33. Artificial Intelligence (AI): The Prospects for Indian Livestock Agriculture

Choudhary and Poonia     Download

34.Transgenic Animals: Application and Ethical Issues

Ravina et al            Download

35.Antibiotic resistance: A global threat to mankind
Debolina Dattaray            Download

36.Plant Root System Architecture and Breeding Strategy for Its Improvement
Shalini Faujdar               Download

37.Time-Lapse Technology
Khatri et al               Download

38.Precision forming a futuristic approach
Kumar et al               Download

39.Poultry House: A scope for Farmers and Entrepreneurs
Singh et al             Download

40.Coccidiosis In Poultry
Manaswini Dehur            Download

41. Entrepreneurship in Broiler Rabbit Rearing and its importance

Dr. Ramya Narmeta            Download

42. Anatomical Defence in Mammary Gland: An Overview

Bhesaniya et al           Download

43. Innovative technologies for monitoring and detection of diseases in aquatic animals
Chovatia et al           Download

44. Embryo Transfer Technology in Cattle: An Overview
Bhesaniya et al           Download

45. Stem Cell Therapy in Veterinary Practice: An Overview
Dubariya et al           Download

46. Advances In Semen Extenders and Additives in Bovine Bull Semen Cryopreservation
Jadav and Kalaswa           Download

47. Antimicrobial Resistance: A Growing Threat
Patel and patel           Download

48. Estrus Synchronisation in Ewe Using Hand-Made Progesterone Sponges
Pandey and patel         Download

49.Application of Micro and Nano Aeration in Aquaculture
Sontakke et al         Download

50.चिकित्सा में आर्टिफिशियल इंटेलिजेंस: वर्तमान और भविष्य का दृष्टिकोण
आसेडिया & पंड्या         Download

51.Casting In Farm Animals
Rathod et al          Download

52.Exploring The Potential of Mushrooms as A Natural Cure for Hepatitis
Aditya et al        Download

53.Armed Oncolytic viruses: An important pioneering tool in cancer therapeutics
Smaraki et al        Download

54.Benefits of Healthy Livestock Practices
Dr. Anish Koul        Download

55. Bio-Rescue: Bacteria's Role in Tackling Microplastic Menace
Sakshi et al        Download

56. An overview of different treatment strategies for the management 
of Bovine Respiratory Diseases

Sharma et al       Download

57. Ocean acidification: The hidden danger beneath the waves
Kirtikumar et al    

58. An Overview Of Silk Sericin A Versatile Biopolymer From Bombyx Mori Silk Cocoon
Vidyashree et al   

59. The Power of Genomic Selection in Animal Breeding
Chaudhary et al

60. An Overview of Human Wildlife Conflict
Patel et al     Download

61. Unlocking the Hidden Potential: Innovative Uses for Ghee Residue
Ahmad et al     Download

62. Management of Repeat Breeding in Cattle and Buffaloes
Chaudhari et al    Download

63. An Overview of Specialty fiber in India
Jainam et al     Download

64. Harnessing Artificial Intelligence for Veterinary Medicine: Bridging Gaps in Global Health
Katira et al     Download

65. Canine hypothyroidism: Etiology, Diagnosis and Treatment strategies
Makwana et al     Download

66. From Ocean to Plate: Embracing Algae as a Healthy and Sustainable Food Source
Chauhan et al     Download

67. Horner’s Syndrome in Companion Animals: An Update

Mahore et al     Download

68. Assam and its one horned rhinoceros’ poaching issue
Ojas Jyoti Borah Hazarika     Download

69. Revolutionising Veterinary Surgery- The Role of Artificial Intelligence
Kumar et al                     Download

70. ઉનાળાની ઋતુમાં ભેંસોમાં પ્રજનન ક્ષમતાની જાળવણી
Desai et al                     Download

71. FAMACHA chart and its utility
Sudan et al                   Download

72. Foot-and-mouth disease: An overview
Desai et al                   Download

73. Rabies: A Comprehensive Review
Singh et al                   Download

74. Empowering Agriculture, The Transformative Role of KVK Initiatives: A Bird View
Umer et al                   Download

75. Camelid Antibodies
Dr. Mranalini Prerna                   Download

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