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Dr. Harmanpreet Singh Sodhi
Benefits And Limitations Of Nanotechnology In Cancer Diagnosis And Treatment
Vol.1 Issue 1 (May,2021)
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Dr. Rajpal Khillare
Prevention and  Control of  Rabies  in India
Vol.1 Issue 5 (Sept, 2021)
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Dr. Prerna Sharma
A preliminary assessment of snakes and monitor lizards
encountered during Covid-19 lockdown in Agra, India

Vol.1 Issue 3 (July,2021)
Dr. Abrar Ul Haq Wani
Lactoferrin a Potential Therapeutic Candidate
Vol.1 Issue 4 (August, 2021)
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Dr. Soundharya  Sivakumar
Sustainable  Strategies  for the Agriculture  of  Today for  a Better Tomorrow
Vol.1 Issue 6 (October, 2021)