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Vol.4 Issue.05 May, 2024

1.Ethno-veterinary practices for successful therapy in Lumpy Skin Disease
Sandilya et al                  Download

2.Antimicrobial Peptides - An Emerging Alternative
Shrivastava et al                  Download

3.Donkey Milk and Its Health Benefits
Gangwar et al                  Download

4.मछली खेती की अनोखी तकनीक - एक्वापोनिक्स
धीरज और दाते                  Download

5.Nutritional Management of High Yielder Cattle during Transition Period
Anisha et al                   Download

6.Maximizing Agricultural Efficiency: The Per Drop More Crop Initiative
Jaiswal and Patley                   Download

7.The Art of Bonsai: Cultivating Serenity in Miniature
Sarvessh et al                   Download

8.પશપુ ાલનની િૈતનક પ્રવતૃિઓના સચાં ાલનમાાં મદિલાઓની ભતૂમકા
Parmer et al                   Download

9.પશઓુ પર પયાાવરણીય પદરબળોની અસર
Parmer et al                   Download

10.Role of Avian Zoonosis in human health risks
Kour et al                   Download

11.Extraction of Nematodes from Soil
Ganga et al                   Download

12.Collection of Soil and Root Sample for Nematodes Extraction
Ojha et al               Download

13.Therapeutic Potential of Platelet rich fibrin- A novel autologous platelet concentrate for regenerative veterinary medicine
Mishra et al                Download

14.African swine fever: a threat to the pig population
Bhuyan and Sandilya             Download

15.Metabolic (or) Production Diseases & Concept of Metabolic Profile Testing in Animals
Gadige et al              Download

Gajre  et al              Download

17.Hernia and its management in small animals
Mehra et al              Download

18.The Crucial Role of Microminerals in Animal Diets: Vital for Health and Productivity
Biswas et al              Download

19.The Crucial Role of Probiotics: Enhancing Growth and Disease Resistance in Domesticated Silkworm in Animal Diets: Vital for Health and Productivity
Gadge et al              Download

20.Trypanosomosis in animals
Sudan et al             Download

21.Equines milk's nutritional characteristics
Sharma and Sharma             Download

22.Designer Eggs: A Cutting-edge Strategy for Enhancing Human Health

Gurusaran et al             Download

23.Bustling Kurla Fish Market: A Culinary Hub in Mumbai

Ujjania et al             Download

24.Effect of climate changes on Plant Diseases
Dr. Sanchari Roy            Download

25.Tractor-operated fertilizer applicator for wheat crop on bed cultivation
Patel et al            Download

26.Rabies: The dreaded disease
Neharika et al            Download

27.Revolutionizing Agriculture: The Rise of Vertical Farming
Akram et al           Download

28.Effective Strategies for Fruit Fly Management in Citrus Orchards of Sikkim
Pandey et al           Download

29.ગાયો-ભેંસોમાાં ગભભપાત સર્જતા સાંક્રમમત રોગો
Patel et al            Download

30.Canine Health: Galliprant vs Meloxicam in Mesotherapy Treatment Outcomes
Dr. Diva Dhingra           Download

31.Advantages of Sheep and Goat Farming in India
Kumar et al           Download

32.Animal Welfare: Five Freedom and Five Domains
Dhillod et al           Download

33.ગાય-ભેંસોમાં રસીકરણ અને તેનું મહત્વ
Damor et al           Download

34.Waste Valorization Through Oyster Mushroom Cultivation
Aditya et al           Download

36.Strategies for Coping with Feed Scarcity during Natural Disaster
Raju and Rajender     Download

37.Lumpy skin disease (LSD) – unveiling the emerging threat to livestock sector
Chandana et al     Download

38.Novel Strategies to Save The Endangered Species of Animals and Future Trends: An Indian Perspective
Tikoo et al     Download

39.RS and GIS Technology for Estimation of Carbon Sequestration
Lakshman et al     Download

40.The Impact of Climate Change on Crop Yields
Patel and Patel     Download

41.Liquid Biopsy: New Era of Game Changer Diagnostic Tool for Veterinary Oncology
Prajapati et al     Download

42.Transformative role of stem cells in drug development
Meena et al     Download

43.A Quest for Cymbopogon Citratus (Dc.) Stapf, (Poaceae) Against Fourth Instar Mosquito Larvae!
Selvaraju and Sethi     Download

44.Anatomical And Phytochemical Evaluation of Lycopodium Cernuum L. [Lycopodiaceae] Aerial Stem
Selvaraju and Sethi     Download

45.Agricultural Policy and Food Security: Trends on A Global Scale and Future Trajectories
Bhupenchandra et al     Download

46.Management of biomedical and livestock waste generated by animals
Tekam et al     Download

47.Norovirus: From Historic Outbreaks to Modern Challenges and Future Solution
Nehru et al     Download

48. Zika Virus: Past, Present, and future directions in diagnosis, prevention
Nehru et al     Download

49. Mitigating Methane Emissions in Cattle: A Sustainable Approach
Vishwakarma et al     Download

50. Great Indian Bustard: India's most threatened avian species - Key perils and Conservation measures
Jangra and Verma     Download

51. Advancements in Dermatophyte Classification, Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment
Nehru et al     Download

52.Cat Scratch Disease: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Nehru et al     Download

53.Review on Small Ruminant Theileriosis

Chandu et al     Download

54.Conservation Agriculture for Enhancing Crop Productivity and Environment Sustainability

Gupta et al     Download

55.Improved Irrigation and Crop Establishment Techniques for Enhancing Water Use Efficiency in Rice

Kumar et al     Download

56.Bioremediation: An Eco-Sustainable Tool for The Restoration of Polluted Environment
Srilakshmi et al     Download

57.Prevention of Zoonotic Spillover Through Biodiversity Conservation
Barik et al     Download

58.Application and Importance of Polymerase Chain Reaction
Kumar et al     Download

59 Role of Edible Seeds and Nuts for Immunity Development in Human Body
De and De                       Download

60 Mealybug: A threat to Mulberry Ecosystem under Southwestern region of Andhra Pradesh
Murali et al           Download

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