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Vol.4 Issue.05 May, 2024

1.Ethno-veterinary practices for successful therapy in Lumpy Skin Disease
Sandilya et al                  Download

2.Antimicrobial Peptides - An Emerging Alternative
Shrivastava et al                  Download

3.Donkey Milk and Its Health Benefits
Gangwar et al                  Download

4.मछली खेती की अनोखी तकनीक - एक्वापोनिक्स
धीरज और दाते                  Download

5.Nutritional Management of High Yielder Cattle during Transition Period
Anisha et al                   Download

6.Maximizing Agricultural Efficiency: The Per Drop More Crop Initiative
Jaiswal and Patley                   Download

7.The Art of Bonsai: Cultivating Serenity in Miniature
Sarvessh et al                   Download

8.પશપુ ાલનની િૈતનક પ્રવતૃિઓના સચાં ાલનમાાં મદિલાઓની ભતૂમકા
Parmer et al                   Download

9.પશઓુ પર પયાાવરણીય પદરબળોની અસર
Parmer et al                   Download

10.Role of Avian Zoonosis in human health risks
Kour et al                   Download

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