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Vol.4 Issue.02 Feb, 2024

1. Innovative Approaches for Mushroom Production: Harnessing Technology for Sustainability
Aditya et al                    Download

2. The Heavy Metal Hazard: Lead Toxicity in Dogs and Cats

Sanjay Vaghela                Download

3. Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing Reproductive Biology
Doultani and Sharma                Download

4. Lassi: Chemical Composition and manufacturing process and health benefits
Bharti and Singh                Download

5. Exploring Ultrastructural Changes in Cell Membranes
Srivastav et al                   Download

6. Long-Term Preservation of Animal Viruses: An Overview
Srivastav et al                   Download

7. Misalliance or Termination of Pregnancy in Bitches: Incidence, Risk Factors, Diagnosis and Treatment
Yadav et al                   Download

8. Heat Stress in Chickens: Implications for Gut Health and Dietary Interventions with Photobiotics
Reshma et al                  Download

9. Balancing Act: Evaluating the Advantages and Disadvantages of Residue Incorporation in Wheat crop
Singh and Kumar                  Download

10.The Reproductive Role of Melatonin: A Review
Sheikh and Devi                   Download

11. One-Health Approach: A Best Possible Way to Control Rabies
Sheikh and Devi                   Download

12. Avian Borreliosis
Dr. Kalyani Putty                   Download

13. Cracking the Code of Canine Hypothyroidism: A Guide for Pet Owners
Dahiya et al                      Download

14.Transvaginal ultrasound-guided follicular puncture (Ovum Pick Up)
 Yadav et al                      Download

15. Genetic Engineering in Aquaculture: Progress, Challenges, and Prospects for Enhancing Productivity and Sustainability in the Fisheries Industry
 Kotadiya et al                      Download

16. Types of Commonly Used Anthelminthic Drugs 
Kiran et al 

17. Extracellular Vehicles (EVs): A Novel Approach for Treating and Diagnosing Diseases
Dr. Ankit R. Patel                      Download

18. New insights on Assisted Reproductive Technologies
Vasava et al                      Download

19. Exploring Anesthetic Strategies in Aquaculture: Enhancing Welfare and Management Practices
Pathinathan and Roshan                     Download

19. Impact of Soil Microbes in Sustainable Agriculture Development
Kumar et al                     Download

20. Canine Distemper (CD) In Dogs
Kushwah et al                     Download

21. Taxidermy-Life After Death
Sriram et al                     Download

22. Treatment of Mastitis, Antimicrobial Resistance, and MRSA
Sriram et al                     Download

23. Role of Herbal Betaine in Aquaculture
Ramagiri et al                     Download

24. Methanogenesis and manipulation of ruminal fermentation by physical means
Rathod and Dhok                   Download

25. Beyond the microscope: Nano sensors and its application in agriculture
Deuri et al                 Download

26. Unlocking Genetic Mysteries: Genome Mapping in Polyploids
Chandra Rai et al               Download

27. Role of Camel Production for Entrepreneurship Development in Rajasthan
Kaswan and Arora              

28. Clinical Management of Lumpy Skin Disease - A Case Report
Yamini and Suresh                Download

29. Effect of Radioactivity on Marine Organisms
Thirunavukarasu et al               Download

30. Lumpy Skin Disease and its clinical management under field conditions: A case report
Thirunavukarasu et al               Download

31. Unleashing The Power of Dendritic Cell Vaccines: A Beacon of Hope in The Battle Against Cancer and Covid-19
Shikha and Paul             Download

31. Strategies for Effective Storage and Preservation of Feed Ingredients and Compound Feeds
Rathod and Kumawat         Download

32. Strategies for Effective Storage and Preservation of Feed Ingredients and Compound Feeds
Rather and Mohammad

33.Moina – The Boon for Finfish Hatcheries
Halpati et al                            Download

34. Decapod Iridescent Virus 1 (DIV1): An emerging threat to the shrimp industry
Patel et al                          Download

35. Lost in screens: Understanding the impact of screen time on cognitive functioning
Koneru and Muktamath                          Download

36. Ginger: A Natural Remedy for Metabolic Syndrome

Sanjay Vaghela                          Download

37. Understanding and Addressing Vitamin Deficiencies in Pet Animals

Dr. Chandravathi. T                      Download

38. Biological Methods of Feed Processing

Akash Rathod                      Download

39. Fireflies To Radiant Flora: The Science of Light-Emitting Plants

Sivaprakash et al                  Download

40. Machine learning models for daily river discharge prediction

Tarate et al                  Download

41. Tire And Rubber Chemicals in Aquatic Systems and Their Management
Konduri et al                  Download

42. Cryptochromes as photoreceptors
Menaka and Puri                  Download

43.Biological alternative: A eco-friendly approach for soil productivity and plant protection
Singh and Patel                 Download

44.Applications of Antimicrobial peptides in non ruminants
Tripti Bhatia                 Download

45.Regional Anesthesia for the Oral Surgery in Dog and Cat
Monika Rani                Download

46.Cutting-Edge Jaggery Powder Processing Plant: Revolutionizing the Way of Non-Centrifugal Sugar Production
Chavan et al              Download

47.संरक्षण और संवर्धन मांग रहा "पलाश " कटते पेड़ से चिंता में वानिकी  वैज्ञानिक 

अजीत विलियम्स            Download

48.Nourishing Growth: The Vital Role of Live Food in Ornamental and Food Fish Hatcheries
Narsale and Prakash            Download

49. अफ्रीकन स्वाइन जिवर या ज्वर (African Swine Fever): कारण एवं प्रिंधन
Ranjan et al            Download

50. Diagnosis of Poisoning in Farm Animals
Ashwini and Kumar            Download

51. Rules for Transportation of Dogs and Cats
Srivastava et al             Download

52. Embryo Transfer in Cattle: Revolutionizing Breeding with Advantages and Challenges
Parikh and Sarinadiya            Download

53. Entrepreneurship and Role of Jammu & Kashmir Entrepreneurship Development Institute in the Development of Entrepreneurship
Sofi et al            Download

54. Boosting the GDP of UT of Jammu and Kashmir through the improvement of Livestock sector
Sofi et al            Download

55. Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) –Challenges and Prospects
Kumar et al            Download

56.Unintentional bursectomy of chick by Bruce Glick accidentally exposed bursal function grabbed wide reputation while Pioneer of bursa Hieronymus Fabricius Italian anatomist remained under mist
Goswami and Barari     Download

57.पशु डिडकत्सा डनदान के डलए रक्त के नमूनों के संग्रह, संरिण और प्रयोगशाला में भेजने की देखभाल
Rathod et al      Download

58.પ્રતિ સંચારરિ રોગો : મનષ્ુ ય અને પ્રાણીઓ વચ્ચે ફેલાિા રોગો
Rathod et al      Download

59.Cat scratch disease
Joshi et al      Download

60. Bovine tuberculosis
Joshi et al      Download

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