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Vol.3 Issue.12 Dec, 2023

1. Surgical Correction of Contracted Flexor Tendon In A Jersey Calf
Yadav et al                    Download

2. Biocide Resistance in Environmental Bacteria –Lesson from Triclosan Use
Kumar et al                    Download

3. Monograph of Chemical Composition, Classification and Traditional
Method of Production of Khoa
Singh et al                    Download

4. Ketogenic Diet: Its Impact on Lifestyle and Health
Lalhmangaihzuali                    Download

5. Organoids in Drug Discovery: A Transition from 2D to 3D cultures
Vaidhya et al                    Download

6. Poultry Management Strategies Adopted During the Winter Season
Wadal and Kant                    Download

7. Marketing Prospects and Opportunities for Value Creation in The Dairy Industry
Chandra et al                    Download

8. Nursery Management of Citrus in North East India
Nimbolkar et al                   Download

9. Different Types of Changes in Seafood during Frozen Storage
Baraiya et al                   Download

10.Designer Egg: A Modern Approach to Human Health
Maskare et al                   Download

11. Production and Processing of Millets in Mizoram, North East India
Sadhukhan et al              Download

12. Deenanath grass: A most suitable grass for pasture
Porte and Jha             Download

13. Oil Palm By-Products Utilization in Development of Non-Edible Products
Shivashankar et al             Download

14. Surgical Management of Teat Laceration of a Doe
Yadav et al                      Download

15. Refining Process of Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil
Shivashankar et al               Download

16. Non-surgical Management of Prolapse of Third Eyelid Gland in Dog- A Case Report
S. Gautam               Download

17. Comprehensive strategies for mitigating diverse mycotoxins present in feed and fodder
Babu et al                 Download

18. Role of Harderian Gland in Avian – an overview
Menaka and Puri                 Download

19. Repeat Breeding: Incidence, Risk Factors, Diagnosis and Treatment in Buffaloes
Jadav et al                       Download

20. Application and methodical strategy of HACCP in Meat Plant
Dr. Anil Kumar                     Download

21.Theloscopy and Theloresectoscopy in Bovines
Jadav et al                     Download

22.Role of Microfold Cell in Intestine
P. Dharani                    Download

23. Pericardial Effusion in Domestic Animals
Jadav et al                     Download

24. Quality of milk and Physico-Chemical Properties of Khoa
Bharti et al                     Download

25.Indication of low viable piglets and check point for their management
Chandra et al                 Download

26. Use of stem cells for healing of bone and cartilage defects
Manjusha et al                 Download

27. Management of household food waste to be fed to pigs
Kaur et al                        Download

28.     Developments in dietary cation-anion difference (DCAD) concept as an effective tool for preventing milk fever in dairy cows
Dr. Rajat Buragohain         Download

29. भारत में चीत्तो की कहानी: कल आज और कल
Nayak et al         Download

30. Fusarium wilt: an insight into molecular mechanism of host pathogen interactions
Karma L. Bhutia1*         Download

31. Bacteriophage Therapy
Devanathan et al        Download

32. The Therapeutic Potential of Stem Cell-derived Exosomes
Azeez et al                  Download

33. Host Manipulation by Parasite: An Insight
Yadav and Yadav                Download

34.DNA BARCODING - A Diagnostic Tool for Parasitic Diseases
Yadav et al                          Download

35.Unlocking Health Potential: Nutritional Supplements from Multi-Millet Based Foods
Anurag et al                        Download

36.Utilization of Membrane Process in Cheese Industry
Shaji and Rashmi                        Download

37.Nurturing Production, Welfare, Health, and Ethical Practices in Sustainable Organic Livestock Farming
Ajay and Remya                       Download

39.Nutritionally responsive disorders of companion animals
Sharma et al                              Download

40. Role of Bio-Regulators in Crop Production
Damor et al                              Download

41. Conservation of- a threatened and highly valued medicinal herb
Mutum et al                              Download

42. The Sleep-Fertility Link: Unravelling the Importance of Quality Rest
Koneru and Muktamath       Download

43. Nutritional approaches for prevention and control of gastrointestinal parasites in livestock
Mishra and Pashupathi       Download

44. Successful detorsion using a novel two-rope technique for right-sided post-cervical uterine torsion in a gravid doe
Malasri et al                         Download

45. Pangolin Natural insect & termite controller: Causes and consequences of illegal trafficking
Malasri et al                         Download

46. Alternative Methods to Control Helminthes of Veterinary Important
Banothu and Gopala       Download

47. Use of Dried Distiller Grain Solubles as A Feed Ingredient in The Diets of Livestock
Mishra et al       Download

48. Conservation Agriculture, A way for Soil & water Conservation
Prajapati et al       Download

49. Impact of Parasitic Diseases on Health and Production of Dairy Cattle
Mathivathani et al      Download

50. In Ovo Sexing of Chicken Embryos Using Different Techniques
Raghavendar  et al      Download

51. Reasons For Low Fat and Solid Nonfat Milk in Dairy Cows: Causes and Solutions
Patel and Patel      Download

52. Innovative Communication Tools in Agricultural Extension
Chatterjee and Sadhu      Download

53. Impact of Climate Change on Parasitic Disease Infecting Livestock
Malviya et al     Download

54. Importance of Early Nutrition in Commercial Chicken Production
Rajender and Latha     Download

55. Innovative Communication Tools in Agricultural Extension
Chatterjee and Sadhu    Download

56. Bracken Fern Poisoning in Animals
Thakur et al    Download

57. Fusarium Wilt of Lentil and Its Management
Kharte et al    Download

58. Smart Hatchery Management
Mounika et al     Download

59. Ganoderma induced Basal Stem Rot disease: a cancerous silent killer in oil palm
Lakshmi et al

61.Detection of Basal Stem Rot of Oil palm: Conventional to Modern Approaches
Lakshmi et al     Download

62.New generation fungicides: a paradigm shift in fungal disease management
Lakshmi et al     Download

63.Future Prospects of Finger Millet Cultivation at Mawkynrew C&RD Block under East Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya
kharkongor et al     Download

65.Pesticides of Last Decade: Impact on Health and Environment and their Remedies
Kumawat et al    Download

66.Advantageous Donkey Breeds of Gujarat
Gamit et al     Download

Review Article 

64.Post Pandemic Food Trends

Sreelakshmi et al    Download

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