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Vol.4 Issue.07 July, 2024

1.Microplastics and Aquaculture: Current Perspectives and Insights
Harini et al                   Download 

2.Nutritional importance of functional oligosaccharides in swine production
Lata and Mondal         Download 

3.Milk Hygiene and Clean Milk Production
Gupta et al         Download 

4.Telangana inland freshwater aquaculture  potential and opportunities: a step
towards the blue revolution.
Ganesh and Rajanna       Download 

5. Hardy-Weinberg Law of Equilibrium
Rauraha et al      Download 

6. Genetic Parameters
Rauraha et al      Download 

7. Nutritional Importance of Functional Oligosaccharides in Swine Production
Lata and Mondal     Download 

8. Milk Hygiene and Clean Milk Production
Gupta et al     Download 

9. Biosecurity measures at Dairy Farm
Gupta et al     Download 

10.Telangana's inland freshwater aquaculture's potential and opportunities: a step towards the blue revolution
Ganesh and Rajanna     Download 

11.Anatomy and Functions of Salivary Glands in Ruminants
Shailendra Chaurasia     Download 

12.A silent menace: Oil spill
Krupa B. Tandel     Download 

1H.अमरूद में लगने वाले मुख्य रोग व उनके उपचार
सैनी एवं अन्य    Download 

2H.बाजरा की फसल के प्रमुख रोग व नियन्त्रण
सैनी एवं अन्य    Download 

13.Organic Farming: Advantages And Limitations
Kumar et al     Download 

14.Understanding and Alleviating Thermal Stress in Animals
Manisha et al     Download 

15.Hardy-Weinberg Law of Equilibrium
Rauraha et al     Download 

16.Genetic Parameters
Rauraha et al     Download 

17.Microbial proteases in low protein broiler diets
Srilatha and Mounika   Download 

18.Reviving Darjeeling Mandarin: Challenges and Strategies for Sustainable Citrus Cultivation
Ghimiray et al   Download 

18.Strategies For Increasing Feed and Fodder Availability in India
Lakshmi and Kumar    Download 

19.Methane Inhibitors in Ruminants
Kaushik  et al    Download 

20.Antioxidants for Reducing Oxidative Stress in Poultry
Deshmukh et al    Download 

21. Safety in Microbiology laboratory
Ankita et al    Download 

22. Challenges In Forensic Veterinary Pathology
Deepika and Kumar     Download 

23. Dandelion: A wild Edible plant for nutritional security in Kargil, UT Ladakh
Rinchan Dolkar     Download 

24.Comparing Genome Editing Technologies: Mechanisms and Applications
Iqbal and Singh     Download 

25.Wet litter problem in poultry house and its remedial measures
Prakash et al     Download 

26.Impact of Exogenous Feed Enzymes on Gut Health of Poultry
Raj  et al     Download 

27.Marine Pollution: with respects to Indian Coast
Sharangdhar et al     Download 

28.Nutritional Approaches to Alleviate Stress in Dogs and Cats
Shinde and Suhana     Download 

29.Oyster Mushrooms: A Source of Functional and Nutritious Food Ingredients
Aditya et al     Download 

30.Eco-friendly enzymatic approaches in Chito oligosaccharide (COS) preparation and its applications
Dayakar et al     Download 

31.Is the cloudiness increasing over Himalayas? - a case study of mid hills sub-temperate subhumid zone of Himachal Pradesh
Jangra  et al     Download 

32.Environmental DNA (eDNA): Unveiling the Ocean's Secrets for Better Protection
Devi  et al     Download 

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