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Authors must read before article submission

  1. Articles must be according to the theme of the issue or as the topics of the issue.

  2. Plagiarism in the article may lead to a revision of the article or may get rejected. The authors of the articles will be responsible for any such misconduct.

  3. Articles must be written in a way that is easy for all the readers of all domains to understand.

  4. The author should avoid lengthy articles. 

  5. The article should have font-size: 12, Times New Roman, Spacing: 1.5, and justify.

  6. Articles should have an Abstract, Introduction, and conclusion. 

  7. Tables and figures in proper format and citation are always encouraged.

  8. A maximum of 10 references must be included at the end of the article.

  9. After submission of the article, two reviewers will review the article and if found appropriate for the magazine, the corresponding author will be informed regarding the acceptance of the article.

  10. Once the articles are accepted, the publication process may take at least 7 days.

  11. Any query will be addressed by the provided email id only.

  12. Authors must avoid contacting other editors of the magazine on phone. He/she may contact any editor using the provided email addresses only. 

  13. Format: Articles to be submitted can be prepared simply by following any recently published article from the recent issue of the magazine.

  14. There is publication fee for the article, However the author will be charged Article Processing Charges as follows 

Popular Article   : Rs.500/article (Max.5 pages; 5 Authors ) 

 Students             : Rs.300(Single Author; Max.2 pages)

                                 : Rs 400(Multiple Author:4;Max.4 pages)

Review Article    :  Rs.1000/article*(Multiple Author:5;Max.10 pages)

Abstract               : Rs 500/abstract(Max.1 pages; 5 Authors ) 

Success Story    :  Rs. 600(Institutional ) (Max.3 pages; 3 Authors ) 

                                  : Rs. 1000(corporates/industrial ) (Max.3 pages; 3 Authors ) 

Monograph         : Rs 600(Max.4 pages; 3 Authors ) 

Case Study         : Rs 800(Max.4 pages; 4 Authors ) 

*additional charges may apply to each additional page and Author.

Membership Holders   : No Fee (mention membership during submission)

*additional charges may apply to each additional page and Author.

Membership Holders   : No Fee (mention membership during submission)

Guidelines for Best Article/ Original Article Award 

Terms and Conditions for Nomination for Best Article Award:
To ensure the utmost quality and adherence to standards, we have established the following terms and conditions for article submission:

Trending Topic: Your article should extensively explore a trending topic related to the field of agriculture. This ensures that the content remains relevant and captures the interest of our readers.
Plagiarism Limit: The level of plagiarism detected in your article should be below 5% (In case the plagiarism is lesser than 5%, the article will be considered for original article award). We value originality and expect authors to properly attribute and reference any external sources used.
Incorporation of Figures/Tables: Enhance the research and presentation of your article by including significant figures and tables. These visual elements should effectively illustrate your findings and contribute to the overall clarity and impact of your research.
References: Include 5-10 references in your article, following the formatting guidelines of your choice. Properly cite and provide accurate details for all sources used, ensuring credibility and allowing readers to explore the referenced materials further.
Formatting Guidelines: Format your article in accordance with the guidelines specified by The science world. Adhering to these guidelines ensures consistency and facilitates a smooth review process.
Exciting Publication Process:
We are pleased to inform you that the results of the current issue will be declared on or before the commencement of the next issue. This ensures a swift and efficient publication process, enabling prompt dissemination of your research to the scientific community and interested readers.

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