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Vol.3 Issue.11 Nov, 2023

1. Aspergillosis in poultry
Patel et al                   Download

2. Harnessing Nature's Bounty: The Promise of Bio-fortification in Battling Global Malnutrition
Lodhi et al                     Download

 3. Nano-Fertilizers: The Next Frontier in Crop Nutrition and Sustainability
Kumar and Lodhi                     Download

 4. Role of Silicon in inducing fungal disease resistance in Rice
Dorjee and Wangmu                           Download

 5. Immunology of Edible Vaccines and its Veterinary Importance
Jain et al                             Download

7. Conservation and Management of Animal Genetic Recourses
Singh et al                             Download

8. Heat Stress and its Management in Dairy Cattle
Singh et al                             Download

9. Implications of Transcriptomics in Crop Engineering
Yadav et al                             Download

10. Advances in Fluid Therapy and Drug Therapy for Downer Cows
Thamizharasi et al                 Download

11. Role of Omega Fatty Acids in Canine Health
Kar et al                                Download

12. Utilization of multi-parent populations in the tracing the genetic determinants of quantitative traits
Santhoshkumari et al        Download

13. Immune-boosting effect of moringa supplementation in Vanaraja chicks
SKumari et al        Download

14. Biomarkers of Vitamin Status
Chauhan and Sharma

15. Effect of Light on Layers
Pareek et al        Download

16. Extensive and Intensive Systems of Poultry Production
Pareek et al        Download

17. Rabies in India: A call for action
Singh and Kaur        Download

18. Biological stain and its importance in laboratory of biological science
Anil Deka        Download

19. Chorioallantois membrane of Indigenous of fowl of Assam and its importance

Anil Deka        Download

20. Bamboo shoot and their benefits as well as their impact in human health
Deka and Kalita        Download

21. Kunapajala-an Indigenous Bio-input for Natural Farming
Kumara et al       Download

22. Harnessing Innovation: Arduino and Raspberry Pi in Agricultural Engineering
Kushwah et al       Download

23. Surgical Management of Umbilical Hernia in Calves
Kumar et al       Download

24. Mixed Infection of Fascioliasis and Haemonchosis in Sheep and Its Successful Treatment
Kumar et al       Download

25. Production technology of Oyster Mushroom cultivation
Ngomle et al      Download

26. Membrane Fouling and Mitigation Strategies in Dairy Industry
Akshay and Rashmi      Download

27. Physical, Chemical and Microbial examination of water
Dhakad and Tiwari      Download

28. Success Story of Fish Based Integrated Farming System
Bharti and  Kumari      Download

29. Mitochondria and its role in immunity
Franco et al                  Download

30. The Vital Link: Feeding Mineral Mixtures to Cattle for Optimal Health and Productivity
Gupta and Bishist       Download

31. Lead Poisoning in Domestic Animals
Sarma et al                 Download

32. Winged Bean: An “One Species supermarket
Das et al                     Download

33.     Herbals: An alternative approach to overcome anthelminthic resistance
Devi et al                 Download

34. Ethanol Production plant in India
Kratika Nayak        Download

35.Growing Importance and Rearing of BSF In Poultry Farming
Raghavendar et al         Download

36.Non-Parametric tests using R software: Case of fish consumption behaviour among fisheries science students
Gomathy et al         Download

37.Canine – Dental Care
Deepika and Preedaa         Download

38.    Physiological Effects of Photoperiodism in Avian Management
Preedaa and  Deepika         Download

39.  Aeromonas An intermediary in the One Health World
Sivachandiran and Rekha    Download

40.Lactation in dairy cattle
Gupta and Thakur    Download

41.Moonlighting Proteins: Brid’s Eye View on Basics and Importance
Chaveriya et al    Download

42.Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: An Overview
Rani et al               Download

43.Management And Utilisation of Dairy Farm Waste – An Insight
Ambili and Tarafdar               Download

44.Selection of dairy cow with physical appearance
Nayak et al               Download

45.Processing and preservation of feed and fodder
Babu et al               Download

46.Breeding modernization strategies for rapid product development in Rice considering future climate change scenario
Nair et al               Download

47.Treatment of Poisoning in Veterinary Medicine
Kamishetti et al               Download

48.Role of Probiotic and Prebiotic Therapeutics in Canine Chronic Enteropathy
Marwein et al               Download

49.Unveiling Trends and Paradigm Shift in Agri-startups of Madhya Pradesh
Sharma and Pal               Download

52.A Glance into Canine Behaviour: Interpreting Canine Language
Wadal and Sharma              Download

53. Surgical Management of Aural Hematoma in a German Shepherd Dog
Sarasambi et al             Download

54. Beyond Flavor: The Unwavering Health Benefits of Polyphenols in Tea
Sarma and Bordoloi             Download

55. Beyond Flavor: The Unwavering Health Benefits of Polyphenols in Tea
Sarma and Bordoloi             Download

56. Effects of Climate Change on Existence and Co-Existence of Humans and Wildlife
Sarma et al            Download

57. Unmasking The Coop Invaders: The Secret Life of Poultry Lice and Mites
Mandawat and Singh        Download

58. Disorders of Upper Digestive System in Dogs
Chaudhary and Singh        Download

59.Recent developments and future prospects for using azolla as animal feed in livestock and poultry
Rajender  and Babu        Download

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