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Vol.4 Issue.04 April, 2024

1.Anthrax: A Historical Paradigm
Saxena et al                   Download

1.Different indices for determining heat tolerance in farm animals.
Ajitbhai et al                 Download 

3. Challenges faced by the goat rearing enterprise in the Indian context.
Prashanthini et al                  Downlaod

4. Nutritional strategies for reducing enteric methane emission from ruminants.
Jha et al                   Download

5. Human-Wildlife Conflict and Its Amelioration
Jha et al                   Download 

6. Organic Dairy Farming: The Future of Sustainable India
Ajitbhai et al          Download 

7. कुत्तों में हिट स्ट्रोक
Barot et al          Download 

8. Histopathological Evaluation of Tissue Biopsy Specimens: An Overview
Kumar et al          Download 

9. Tubifex Worms in Aquaculture for Waste Management and Nutrition
Sampa Baidya          Download 

10. Canine Coronaviruses: A Puzzle Piece in the One Health Landscape
Panchal & Patel          Download 

11. Current status of canine rabies elimination in India
Das & Mathews         Download 

12. Feed and Gut Health: A Short Review
Yash Khalasi         Download 

13. DNA vaccines as a new strategy to combat infectious diseases
Hemavathi et al            Download 

14. Nutritional Importance of Poi Saag
Kumari and Sunita            Download 

15. Importance and Prospects of Indian Agriculture in Present Context 
Amit Anil Shahane            Download 

16. Ornamental Plants to Combat Air Pollution

Sarvessh et al            Download 

17. ઉનાળાની ઋતુમાં પણ પશુપાલન વ્યવસાયને બનાવો નફાકારક
Gadhvi et al             Download 

18. Sepsis-Induced Coagulopathy: A Silent Threat Unveiled

Rajaram H. Patel             Download 

19. Unraveling the Clues: Diagnosis of Blunt Force Trauma in Veterolegal Cases

Rajaram H. Patel             Download 

20. The Role of Bio fertilizers in Sustainable Agriculture
Yadav et al             Download 

21.Genetic Control of Different Fruit Shapes in Tomato
Sourav et al            Download 

22.Probiotics and Its Benefits in Human Health
Sharma and Bishisht            Download 

23.Exploring the Advantages of Backyard Poultry
Pandey et al           Download 

24.The Importance of Pet Registration in India: A Step towards Responsible Pet Ownership
Solanki and Anikar          Download 

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