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Vol.3 Issue.7 July, 2023

 1. Sperm Chromatin Structure Assay (Scsa)  
    Shivhare  et al                     Download

 2. An Overview of Bovine Mastitis
Sulekha                                   Download

3. Alteration in Rumen Microbial Dynamics Due to PUFA Oil Rich Diet in Dairy Cows
Kumar et al                            Download

4. High Performance Textiles for Wound Care
Kamboj and Tamta               Download

5. Aerobic Rice: Implications and Prospects
Eashan Mukherjee              Download

7. Organic Poultry Farming
Kumar et al                         Download

8. Winter Stress Management: A Vital Knowledge in Animal Husbandry
Sarma and Gupta                Download

9. CRISPR Cas9 based genome editing with particular emphasis on Veterinary
Das                                       Download

10. Pregnancy toxemia/Twin lamb disease/Pregnancy ketosis in small ruminants
Dr sakshi                             Download

11. Classical Swine Fever: An Overview
Shah et al                             Download

12. African Swine Fever: Contagious Viral Disease of Pigs
Rashmi and Meena            Download

13. Foot And Mouth Disease: Highly Contagious Viral Disease of Livestock
Rashmi and Meena            Download

14. Enterotoximia (Pulpy Kidney Disease) In Sheep (Ovis aries)
Rashmi and Meena            Download

15. Role of Veterinarians and One Health in Fight Against Zoonoses
Shashank et al                   Download

16. Laboratory Animal Feeding Management
Meena and Rashmi           Download

17. Q-Fever
. Shirisha et al                    Download

18.Hemorrhagic Septicemia: in Water Buffalo and Cattle
Dariya and Rashmi          Download

19. Listeriosis
Shirisha and kamalla      Download

20. Peste des Petits Ruminants: Goat Plague
Dariya and Bishnoi          Download

21. Edible Flowers as a Source of Nutraceuticals
Karthik et al                    Download

22. Pangenome analysis in domestic animals
et al                       Download

23. Pangenome analysis in domestic animals
tanuj et al                    Download

24. Farm Animal Management and Care During the Rainy Season
Dr.Ghanshyam Sahu     Download

25.Technological Approaches for Water Saving in Agriculture
Panchal et al                 Download

26.Farm Animal Management and Care During the Rainy Season
Dr. Ghanshyam Sahu   Download

27.Methodology of Whole genome assembly in Prokaryotes
Tanuj and Chandana    Download

28.Equine Colic: An Overview
Mavadiya et al              Download

28.Zinc Finger Proteins (ZFPs): Strategy and Application in Crop Improvement
Sen et al                         Download

29.Poultry coccidiosis and its management
Bora et al                         Download

30. Artificial Intelligence: A Boon or a Curse?
Niranjan and Niranjan  Download

31. Climate Change and Variability: Its Impacts on Fisheries and Aquaculture Sector
Rajani et al                      Download

32. Trend and Growth Analysis of Fish Seed Production of Indian and Andhra Pradesh
Rajani et al                      Download

33. Trend of Aquaponics in Aquaculture
Ramagiri et al                  Download

34. Aqua mimicry- A revolutionary concept for shrimp farming
Ramagiri et al                  Download

35. Scenario And Scope of Potato Cultivation in Telangana State
Prabhakar et al                  Download

36. Lactopontin: A Bioactive milk protein and its health benefits
Binod Kumar Bharti         Download

37. Leptospirosis: A Worldwide Zoonosis
Agarwal et al                    Download

38. Edible Vaccines: A Novel Strategy for Global Health and Disease Prevention
Samanta and Das           Download

39. Role of Antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) in control of mastitis
Solanki et al                    Download

40. Foreign Bodies Induced Gastritis in Dogs
Sarkar et al                     Download

41. Diagnostic and therapeutic management of Sarcoptic mange in a sheep
Rathod et al                     Download

42. Lumpy Skin Disease: Contagious viral disease of cattle
Sulochana Dariya          Download

43. Rumen Dysfunction
Saini et al                       Download

44. Decreased Performance Level in the Workplace
Hooda and Anamika   Download

45. Candida auris: yet another global threat post COVID-19
Taskeen  el al              Download

46. Rabies And Its Zoonotic Potential
el al                   Download

47.Advancements in Veterinary Practice: Unleashing the Power of Cellular Therapy
Banu el al                   Download

48.Milk Fever (Parturient Paresis) In Dairy Cattle
Sulekha and lamba   Download

49. Methods of Increasing Employee Productivity
Hooda & Anamika   Download

49. Methods of Increasing Employee Productivity
Hooda & Anamika   Download

50. Strategies adopted during disaster for livestock management
Choudhary et al    Download

51. Zoonotic Diseases in India During Monsoon Season
Choudhary et al    Download

52. Emerging Diseases in Veterinary Public Health: An Overview of Epidemiological Aspects
Choudhary et al    Download

53. Potential Use of Microbial Toxins in Treatment
Sinha et al               Download

54. Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Veterinary Science
Sinha et al               Download

55. Microchips and M-STrIPES for Wildlife Conservation
Sinha et al               Download

56. Measures to protect Dairy Animals Health during Floods
Chandolia and Suresha       Download

56. DNA Decoding
Bishnoi et al           Download

57. Application of ChatGPT in Medical Science and Research
Vijayasarathi et al           Download

58. Transmissible Venereal Tumour in Dogs
Vijayasarathi et al           Download

59. Canine Distemper
Dr . Veldi pavani             Download

60. Psittacosis and Ornithosis
Dr . Veldi pavani             Download

61. Conservation of Indigenous Breeds: A Crucial Endeavor for Genetic Diversity and Sustainable Livestock Production
Kumar et al                   Download

62. Importance of Dry Period in Cattle and Its Different Strategies and Beliefs
Yogeshpriya  et al        Download

63. Controlling Vectors: A Multifaceted Approach for Preventing Vector-Borne Diseases
Mishra  et al               Download

64. Toxoplasmosis: A Zoonotic parasitic disease
Maddikontla et al     Download

65. Aspergillosis: A Mycotic Zoonotic Disease
A. Shirisha               Download

66.Rabies: A Threat to Human and Animal Life
Diwakar et al              Download

67.Brucellosis: A Re-Emerging Zoonosis
Diwakar et al              Download

68.Ketosis in Dairy Cattle
Agarwal and Saini     Download

69.Exploring The Growing Phenomenon of Nutraceuticals: Binding the Gap Between Nutrition and Pharmaceuticals
Sharma and Sharma     Download

70.Backyard Poultry Farming a Boon for Marginal Farmers of India
Saini et al                       Download

71.TLRs: Revolutionary Site for Immunomodulatory Action in Poultry
Panwar et al          Download

72.The Impact of the Gut Microbiome on Animal Immunity
Panwar et al          Download

73.Therapeutic use of Monoclonal Antibodies in Cancer
Prajapati et al      Download

74. Virovore: Creature that eats virus
Prajapati et al      Download

75.Unveiling the Powerhouses of Defense: Immune Response Genes

Panwar et al           Download

76. The Impact of the Gut Microbiome on Animal Immunity

Panwar et al           Download

77. The Impact of the Gut Microbiome on Animal Immunity

Panwar et al           Download

78. Positioning of dairy products' as functional foods, nutraceuticals, and medicinal agents

Sharma and Sharma           Download

79. An Insight to Loach Fish Culture

Velmurugan et al           Download

80. Signature Tagged Mutagenesis: Unravelling the Secrets of Genetic  Mysteries
Sharma et al           Download

82. Unseen Threats: How Mycotoxins Pose a Silent Danger to Our Animals
Sharma et al           Download

83. The Impact of the Gut Microbiome on Animal Immunity
Sharma et al           Download

84. Actinomycosis
Dr . Veldi pavani    Download

85. Anthrax
Dr . Veldi pavani    Download

86. Aspergillosis: A Comprehensive Overview
Kamala et al          Download

87. Spider Venom as Bio-Insecticide
Varma  et al          Download

88.Vulture and NSAID
Dhakarwal et al          Download

89.Phage Display Technology: A Revolutionary Approach in Biotechnology
Sharma et al          Download

90.Effect of Plant Growth Regulators in Solanaceae family
Fandan et al          Download

91.Dairy maweshi main Banjhpan ke janamjat sharirik kaaran
Faraan et al          Download

92.Pashuon main Thanela rog ke Kaaran, lakshan, upchar and upaye
Mal et al              Download

93.Mushrooms: Immunity Booster and Nutritive Food for Human Health
 et al              Download

94.Hidden Menace: The Looming Threat of Campylobacteriosis in Cattle and Buffaloes
Bajia et al              Download

95.Human Resource Planning and Retention
Hooda and Kiran Download

96.Business Laws and Ethics
Hooda and Kiran  Download

97.Scaling Entrepreneurial Ventures
Hooda and Kiran  Download

98. Employee Rights and Responsibilities
Hooda and Kiran  Download

99. Tuberculosis: An Overview in Animals
Sulekha and Saini  Download

100. Snake Bite Management in Domestic Animals
Aruneshwaran et al   Download

101. Role of Insects as An Alternative Animal Protein Source in Poultry Feed
P. Radhika                Download

102. Exploring the World of Functional Foods: The Rise of Designer Milk and Eggs
Kumar et al           Download

103. Lumpy Skin Disease
Maramulla et al           Download

104. The Rise of the Black Soldier Fly: A Sustainable Protein Source for Poultry
Supriya et al           Download

105. Post-Partum Hypomagnesemia in Cattle and its Management
Kamala and Shirisha          Download

106. Campylobacteriosis: A serious infectious threat
Kalwaniya et al           Download

107.From Fungus to Fatality: Understanding the Role of Fungi in Animal Mycotic Abortion
Sharma et al           Download

108.Food Borne Zoonosis and Control Strategies in India
Kalwaniya et al            Download

109. Tuberculosis: A Milk Borne Disease
Kalwaniya et al            Download

110. Infectious Bursal Disease of Chickens/ I.B.D./ Gumboro disease/ Avian Nephrosis

Sain and Pankaj            Download

111. Leptospirosis: a zoonotic disease that surges in the monsoon season
Pankaj and Sain            Download

112. Gid disease (Coenurus cerebralis) in goats
Kumar and amteke     Download

113. Body Condition Scoring and Judging in Dairy Cattle

Akanksha et al            Download

114. Biochemical Approaches in The Treatment of Wildlife

Sharma and Sharma           Download

115. Salmonellosis in Animals: A ReviewBiochemical Approaches in The Treatment of Wildlife
Kalwaniya et al          Download

115.  Factors affecting heat tolerance in dairy animals
Meena et al          Download

116.  Diabetes Mellitus (Madhumeh
Maramulla and Carey         Download

117. An Introduction of Market Led Extension
Meena and Rajawat         Download

118 Breeding Management of a Dairy Farm
Chayal et al        Download

119. Current Status and Success of Artificial Insemination for Augmenting the Livestock Productivity in India
Chayal et al        Download

120. Record Keeping: A Tool for Better Management of Farm
Chayal et al        Download

121. Protected Nutrient Technology: An Efficient Way for Optimization of Feed Sources in Ruminant Production
Saini et al       Download

122. Nutritional Factors Effecting the Interior Quality of Egg
P. Radhika       Download

123. Ear Infections in Dogs: Causes, Symptoms, and Effective Treatments
Kumar and Makawana       Download

124. Postmortem Changes, diagnosis and treatment of Cyanide toxicity in animals
sravathi et al        Download

125. Important Viral Zoonotic Diseases in India
Saini et al      Download

126. Rumen Dysfunction
Saini et al      Download

127. Ivermectin Toxicity in Animals: Understanding the Dangers and Preventive Measures
sravathi et al      Download

128. Management of Heat stress in livestock
Kour and singh     Download

129.Control and Prevention of Anthrax
Choudhary et al     Download

130. Leptospirosis
Dr . Veldi pavani     Download

131. Economic impact of mastitis on the dairy farming
Pushpa and Sindhu     Download

132. Oleogels, Potential Application in food and dairy Industry.
Fathimath Naurin.K.A    Download

133.       Acrylamide: The unknown toxin in food
Fathimath Naurin.K.A    Download

135. Unveiling the Genetic Enigma: The Trailblazing Journey of DNA Microarrays
Panwar et al     Download

136. Methanogenesis and its mitigation in ruminants
Chaudhary et al     Download

137. Putus lantana camera  पौधे से विष विया उपचार एिं रोकथाम

Anjana et al     Download

139.An overview on Anthrax
Punam     Download

140.Unlocking the Guardians of Immunity: Exploring the Types of Pattern Recognition Receptors (PRRs)
Kumar and Pateer     Download

141.Unlocking the Power of Adjuvants
Kumar and Pateer     Download

142.Value Addition in Flowers: Unleashing Nature's Beauty
Kumari and Kapale     Download

143.Biomarkers in Veterinary Disease Diagnosis: Applications and Future Prospects
Suvidhi and Kumar    Download

144. Colibacillosis in goat kids and its prevention and control
Shashank et al            Download

145. Pregnancy diagnosis in buffalo with molecular techniques: current status and future benefits
Sharma and Batra       Download

146. Organic Livestock Products: A Boon to Today’s Health Consciousness
Agravat et al               Download

147. Exploring the Use of Sexed Semen in Dairy Industry
Narote et al                  Download

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