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Vol.3 Issue.5 May, 2023

 1. Common Domestic Food Items: Might Be Fatal to Our Furry Pets                                
Salil Kumar Pathak                                  Download

2. The pharmacological perspectives of Tetracyclines in Veterinary Medicine                Sangeetha et al                                         Download

3. Role of Rabbit Meat as Functional Food       
Singh and Islam                                      Download

4. The impact of various bedding materials on the behaviour, health, and productivity of lactating dairy animals      
saikiran et al                                          Download

5. Genetically Modified Meat: Transgenesis and Cloning      
Dr. Jeyapriya.S                                        Download

6. Lumpy Skin Disease: A Brief Overview     
Maddela et al                                         Download

7. Agronomic Biofortification of arable crops: A sustainable approach to enrich the nutritional security   
Pandey et al                                            Download

8. Non-Genetic Parameters of Semen Analysis in Bulls
Meena et al                                            Download

9. Detection of Anemia Using Famacha Eye Color  Chart in Goats
Poobitha et al                                            Download

10. Revolutionizing Research: The Latest Advancements in Laboratory Animal and Pharmacology Studies
Lucy Mohapatra                                       Download

11. Hypothyroidism In Dogs: Causes, Pathophysiology, Clinical Signs, Diagnosis and Treatment
Shashank et al                                         Download

12. A Review: Immunological Approaches In Animal Fertility
Jakkali and Anjum                                  Download

13. Breeding Strategies for the improvement of Cattle & Buffalo
Raakib Rasool Janbaz                             Download

14. Clean Meat Production: A technique to address plethora of meat issues
Sindhura et al                                         Download

15. Biofortification of Pearl millet: A strategy to combat malnutrition
Nagre et al                                               Download

16. Rumination Disorders and Its Prevention in Dairy Cattle
Waiz and Gautam                                   Download

17.Integrated farming System- A Way to Increase Farmer’s Income
Banerjee                                                   Download

18.The Vanishing Allies of Western Ghats: Frogs of Kvasu
Nidhichand K P                                      Download

19.WHEN VISITORS BECOME BURDEN Invasive plant species
Arjun AC                                                 Download

20.The Visitors of Gothra Pond
Sidharthan                                           Download

21. Night Wanderers: The Moths of Gothra
Sreeshma                                          Download

22. Diversity of Pookode
Akash Anilkumar                              Download

23. Role of social media as Extension Information Delivery Tool
during pandemic
Bhanotra et al                                    Download

24. India and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):
Sustainable Future for All
Bhanotra et al                                    Download

25. Data Analytics: Its Importance and Relevance
Bhanotra et al                                    Download

26. Green GDP in post COVID-19 world: Need and Importance
Bhanotra et al                                    Download

27. Hemorrhagic Septicemia: A Deadly Contagious Disease
Bala et al                                            Download

28. Role of Indian Livestock in Agricultural Sustainability
Poonia et al                                         Download

29. New Management Techniques in Poultry Farming for Profitable Production
Anamika et al                                     Download

30. Malasseziosis in canines and felines
Prajapati et al                                     Download

31. Role of Integrated Livestock Farming System for Upliftment of Small and Marginal Farmers
Islam et al                                       Download

32. Nanoparticles as anti-biofilm agents in dairy industry
Reddy et al                                       Download

33. Effective Business Planning
Hooda and Kumari                           Download

34. Effective Business Planning
Hooda and Kumari                           Download

35. Tips For Growing Successful Business
Hooda and Anamika                        Download

36. Coral Reef Feeding
Praveena et al                                  Download

37. Aquaponics
Vijisha et al                                     Download

38. Parasitic infections and control approaches in Rajasthan:
Present and future perspectives
Kumari et al                                   Download

39. Sarcoptic Mange and Its Successful Therapeutic Management in Rabbits
Singh et al                                     Download

40. Parrot Fever: A Zoonotic Threat
Singh et al                                     Download

41.Boosting Shrimp Health: The Key Role of Water Quality
Sivan et al                                     Download

Rajwin et al                                    Download

43.Snake envenomation and its clinical management in animals
Jeevitha et al                                Download

44. Advancements in Dairy Cattle Disease Prevention and Herd
Health Management
Koul et al                                     Download

45. Revolutionizing animal breeding: artificial intelligence takes
the lead
Koul et al                                     Download

46. Microbial forensics: A potential tool for investigation of bioterrorism
Dr. Vipin Chand Bairwa*          Download

47. An Overview of Dystocia in Various Animal Species
Doultani and Sharma               Download

48. Enterotoxaemia associated with Clostridium perfringens type D
Yadav et al                                  Download

49. Multiutility of simarouba glauca
Devanand and Sivakumar        Download

50. Effect of heat stress on animal reproduction
Chandra et al                             Download

51. Roof top Kitchen Garden-Basket of fresh vegetables for urbanites
Karthik et al                             Download

52. Comprehensive Strategies for Managing Emerging Infectious Diseases: Moving Beyond Vaccines
Sanjana et al                          Download

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