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Vol.3 Issue.9 Sept, 2023

 1. Data- Driven Decision- Making in livestock Management
   Pal et al                     Download

 2. Progressive Myopia - another bane of the COVID 19 pandemic?
   Arif et al                     Download

 3. Natural Dyes and its classifications
Devanand et al            Download

 4. Calf diarrhoea: Serious concern for calf mortality
Lalhmingmawii et al          Download

 5. An overview of common microbial diseases in sheep and goats
   Shashank et al          Download

 6. Therapeutic Management of Hypovitaminosis-A in a Turtle
   Shashank  and Rani         Download

7. Tick-Borne Haemoprotozoan Infections in Bovines and Their Control Strategies
   Rani and Shashank          Download

8. Cultivation Practices of Kalanamak Rice Noth East Plan Zone
   Sanodiya et al               Download

9. Dermatophytosis in Cats
  Balana et al                      Download

10. Telomerase Biology in Animal Cancers
Pashupathi and Mishra      Download

11. PPR disease in small Ruminants: An Emerging Viral Disease
Rath et al                          Download

12. Gain in Dairy Economy hangs around Age at First Calving (AFC) and Calving Interval (CI)
Rath et al                          Download

13. Guinea Pig: Nutritional Requirements, Feed Habits, Food Patterns, Digestive Structure, Functions and  Feeding
Srihitha et al                   Download

14. Recent Advancements in Commercial Poultry Breeding
Chandaka and Srihitha    Download

15. A Success Story of Sri Krishna Priya Nursery: Journey from Passion to Profession
Kumari et al                      Download

16. Nutritional strategies to prevent urolithiasis in canines
Shashank and Rani           Download

17. Biodiversity and Wildlife Conservation Efforts in India
Srikanth et al                   Download

18.Overview of Canine Monocytic Ehrlichiosis
Rani and Shashank         Download

19.Navigating India's Building Byelaws: Past, Present, and Future Perspectives
Juyal et al                       Download

20.Modern Farming: Black Turmeric (Curcuma caesia) cultivation under soilless   medium   
Kumar and Agarwal     Download

21.Shining Light on Cellular Magic: The Story of Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting  
Dharamshaw et al      Download

22. Lumpy skin disease: An emerging viral disease
Anupriya et al         Download

23. Hypomagnesemic Tetany of Calves
Maramulla et al         Download

24. Methodology To Analyze Cost of Milk Production in India
Shyam Babu et al         Download

25.Prion Diseases in Animals and Human Beings
Bairi and Savalia         Download

26.Nutritional Considerations in Canine Dermatological Disorders
Shashank and Rani         Download

27. The Elnady Technique: An Innovative method for Tissue Preservation
Rachel                              Download

28. Role of Exocrine Pancreas in Ruminant Digestion
Rachel and Khandelwal  Download

29. An Overview of Syphilis
Ranjana Kumari             Download

30. Sex Sorted Semen Technology
Tyagi et al                       Download

31. Sex Sorted Semen Technology
Tyagi et al                       Download

32.Common Name of Parasites
Dr. Anita Rathore         Download

33.Dilated Cardiomyopathy in Dogs
Shashank and Rani         Download

34.Total Intravenous Anaesthesia
Parmar Parikunwar     Download

Dr. Aruna Maramulla     Download

36.Intestinal Obstructions in Large Ruminants
Venkatesh et al        Download

36.Ozone Therapy
Parmar Parikunwar      Download

37.Fungal Infections Linked to COVID-19: A Critical Need for Alternative Therapeutic Strategies?
Sharma et al               Download

38.Teaching -Learning Process: Emerging Methods of Pedagogies
Sahu et al                      Download

39.Agro Advisory Services for Risk Management in Agriculture
Nanda et al                      Download

40. Milk Fever: A Comprehensive Overview
Shyam Babu et al                    Download

42. Bihar's Aquatic Wonders: Exploring the World of Freshwater Crabs
Bijay Kumar Gupta                  Download

43.Methodology To Study the Effect of Elevated Atmospheric Temperature and Carbon Dioxide Concentrations on the Quality of Groundnut Haulms as Livestock Feed
Chandrakanth et al                               Download

44.DNA Sequencing techniques: Sanger to Next Generation Sequencing  
Saini et al                               Download

45.A comparative analysis of fish production and consumption across different states in India 
Gomathy and Senthilkumar        Download

46. Drug Residues: Potential Threat to Public Health
Sharma et al        Download

47.  Induction of Abortion in Dogs
Hema Deepthi P        Download

48.  An Overview of Scrub Typhus: A Re-Emerging Zoonotic Threat
Pravalika and Gupta        Download

49.  Rabies: A zoonotic threat
Sain et al           Download

50.  Cytology of lymph nodes, spleen and thymus in commonly prevalent pathological conditions of companion animals
Singh and Gupta           Download

51.  Dystocia in a Graded Murrah Buffalo due to Hydrocephalic fetus: A Case Report
Deepthi and Kumar           Download

52.  Uterine Prolapse in buffalo: A Treatment and Management
Deepthi and Kumar             Download

53.  Therapeutic Management of Fetal Mummification in Cow: A Case Report
Deepthi and Kumar             Download

54.  Concept of Epigenetics in Livestock and Breeding
Simran Kaur             Download

55. Downer Cow Management: Overcoming Common Challenges for Optimal Recovery
Thamizharasi et al

56. Patentable invention of intestinal kitten cell lines a legal remedy
for kitten killing tragedy in toxoplasma research  

Tapas Goswami1*            Download

57. Novel strategies to modulate cytokine action for therapy 
Prakash et al            Download

58. Emergence of Antibiotic Resistance in Cattle Acting as Silent Killer the Society
S. Gautam                        Download

59.Sexing of Semen in Bovine
Kumar et al                        Download

60.Control of Reproduction By Hormones In Small Ruminants
Sharma et al                        Download

61.Small but Mighty: Discover the power of millets
Kour et al                        Download

62.Effect of Fertilizer Toxicity on Central Nervous System in Domestic Animals
Sarma et al                      Download

63.Indolent Ulcer in Cats
Mathai and Sarangom                Download

64. Significance and mileage of Valorization of fruits and vegetables in modern era 
   Choudhary and  Dongre               Download

64. Behavioural Disorders in Farm Animals
Singh et al                  Download

65. DNA Barcoding - a useful tool for taxonomists
Madhuri and Mishra                Download

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