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Vol.3 Issue.6 June, 2023

 1. Effect of estrogen and progesterone from cattle milk: Reason of early puberty in Female      
Jatandeep Singh Sangha                       Download

 2. A brief overview on toxicity effect of mercury in animals      
Desai and Gunjan                                 Download

3. Value Addition of Meat : A Push to Entrepreneurship     
Singh and Sharma                               Download

4. Clinical sign and post post-mortem findings in the poisoning  of phosphorus in animals
Desai and Bishnoi                              Download

5. A brief overview on various types of snakes and their clinical management
Desai and Bishnoi                               Download

Latha et al                                           Download

7. Effect of Heat Stress on Female Reproduction in Dairy Animals
Sangha et al                                         Download

8.The trend in change of saponification value during deep frying of ghee added with curry leaf ( Murraya koenigii )
Arshath and Rahila                            Download

9.Artificial Chromosomes: Unlocking the Potential of Genetic Engineering
Ahlawat et al                                      Download

10. Transforming Aquatic Health Management: The Power of Artificial Intelligence
Swapnil et al                                     Download

11. Role of construction of major irrigation projects on emergence of zoonotic diseases
Kumar et al                                     Download

12. Synthetic Viruses: A Double-Edged Sword in Scientific Advancement
Vasavi et al                                     Download

13. Role Of New Generation Phytohormones on Abiotic Stress
Pazhanisamy et al                        Download

14. Meat Alternatives
Valsalan et al                                Download

15. Pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of copper toxicity in animals
Gunjan and Desai                         Download

16.Post mortem appearance, diagnosis and treatment of molybdenum toxicity in animals
Gunjan and Desai                         Download

17. Tips to Increase Profit Margins in Sheep Farming
Gautam and Waiz                         Download

18.Japanese encephalitis: an epidemiological paradigm
Yadav et al                                   Download

19.The influence of transposable elements on plant pathogen evolution
Ranjana Joshi                               Download

20. Role of antimicrobial peptide in fish immunity
Pathak et al                                   Download

21. Applications of nanoparticles in aquaculture
Gain                                                 Download

22. Macrophage Differentiation Under Metabolic Stress Conditions
Kaliyamurthi and  Binesh           Download

23. Nanosilver: Sword to Combat Mastitis
Niranjan et al                             Download

24. Antibiotic Residues in Milk
Archana and Naveen                   Download

25. Loose flower cultivation in Tamil Nadu
Archana and Naveen                   Download

26. Retailing: Ubiquitous Experience
Sushila and Devi                         Download

27.   Immunomodulatory effects of lactoferrin
Boro and Rabha                          Download

28.   Chhurpi – The Himalayan Cheese
Boro et al                                     Download

29.  Effect of Pesticides in Aquatic Environment
Naik et al                                     Download

30. Human Babesiosis: An Emerging Human Zoonosis
Singh et al                                     Download

31. Foot and Mouth Disease in Pigs: An overview in Indian Perspective
Sahoo et al                                     Download

32. Chemical applications improve cotton yield by alleviating water stress in cotton belt of Punjab (south-western districts)
Kumar et al                                     Download

33. Management of Heifers Turning to Adult Cows
Singh et al                                      Download

34. How packaging becomes a marketing strategy for poultry products
Sabitha  and Vineetha                 Download

35. Unraveling the causes of summer anestrus in buffaloes: effective strategies for mitigation
Jisna et al                                     Download

36. Revolutionizing Veterinary Science: The Advent of Nanotechnology
Sharma and Sharma                  Download

37. Role of Feed Enzymes in Livestock Production
Murtuza and Jayasri                  Download

38. Biofortification: A way to combat hidden hunger
Devate et al                                  Download

39. Uterine Infections – Diagnostic Procedures and Therapeutic Protocols
Rajashri et al                              Download

40. Factors Affecting Conception Rates in Dairy Cattle
Rajashri et al                              Download

41. Hemonchus contortus: A serious concern in small ruminants
Maddikontla and Palle             Download

42. Nanotechnology in Aquaculture
Nischal                                       Download

43. Antimicrobial Peptides: from host defence to therapeutics
Pant et al                                    Download

44. Man-Animal Conflict: A Jumbo problem still unresolved
Femi Francis                             Download

45. One Health Perspectives on Zoonotic Brucellosis and Effective Mitigation Strategies
Debbarma et al                         Download

46. Artificial Insemination in Mare
Meena et al                               Download

47. Genetic Improvement of Trees Used in Wind Breaks
Devanand et al                         Download

48. Botanical studies of Neem
Devanand et al                         Download

49. Breeding strategies in Neem
Devanand et al                         Download

50. Neem and Its Importance
Devanand et al                         Download

51.Bovine Fasciolosis: A Liver Fluke Disease
Prahar Jyoti Sarmah               Download

52.Innovations in Veterinary Care: Unleashing the Potential of Regenerative Medicine for Tissue Repair and Pain Management
Shaurya et al                           Download

53. Internal Parasites in Poultry
Shashank et al                         Download

54.  Hypomagnesemia in Sheep
Jayasri and Reddy                    Download

55.  Important Tips of Animal Disease Outbreak Management In Field Conditions 
Nayak et al                              Download

56.  A brief focus on cell culture and its techniques
Gupta et al                               Download

57. Canine Ehrlichiosis An Overview
Bora et al                                Download

58. Environmental DNA As a Technology for Assessment of Biodiversity
Bora et al                              Download

59. Murrel culture
Suneetha et al                      Download

60. Seaweeds In India
SumaVishnu et al                 Download

61. Microbial consortium based bioinoculants for crop production and waste management
Gayathry et al                       Download

62. Role of Probiotics in Aquaculture
Kumar et al                          Download

63. Gamma Irradiation in Insect Pest Management- A Promising Approach towards Food Security
Hore et al                             Download

64. Besides Providing Energy, Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acid Rich Oils  Improve Nutrient Utilization and Growth performance of Heifers
Kumar et al                        Download

65. Maternal Dystocia In Buffalo: Incidence, Causes And Treatment
Jatandeep S. Sangha         Download

66. Medias used in In Vitro Embryo Production (IVEP): A Review
Jakkali et al                         Download

67. Strategies For Reducing Age at First Calving in Dairy Animals
Singh et al                           Download

68. Spatial And Temporal Dimension of Agro Tourism In Post Independent India
Baskar and Pal                   Download

69. Exploring Pearl Millet in the Arena of Climate Change 
Singh et al                        Download

70. The Dawn of Agrotourism in India: Reflections through Case Studies & Experiences
Sreelakshmi and Gopichand   Download

71. Dry flower technology: An amelioration in floriculture industry
Kolur et al                          Download

72.Role of Biofertilizer Inoculants in Crop Productivity and Soil Fertility
Paramasivan et al           Download

73.Cytological diagnosis and haematological alterations in transmissible venereal tumour
Soujanya et al               Download

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