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Vol.3 Issue.8 August, 2023

 1. Coronaviruses at animal-human interphase: A review
   Dixit  et al                     Download

 2. mRNA Vaccine Delivery Techniques
  Rajeev  et al                     Download

 3. Bloat Management In Large Ruminants
Sarma and sree               Download

 4. JAUNDICE (Icterus)
Dr. Aruna Maramulla       Download

 5. Wildlife Wonders: How Animals Thrive During Monsoon Season
Meena  et al                     Download

 6. Health Benefits of Broccoli and its by-products
Kour  et al                         Download

 7. Management of Subclinical Mastitis and Early Diagnostic Techniques in Cattle
Jairam et al                      Download

 8. Fish Skin Collagen: A Game-Changer in Wound Healing and Burn Treatment
Jayesh et al                      Download

9. Mallotus philippinensis: A Medicinal Marvel of Southeast Asia
Sharma et al                      Download

10. Zoonotic Importance of Ancylostoma caninum and Its Preventive Measures
Jairam et al                      Download

11. Unlocking the Genetic Secrets of Extinct Hominins: Unraveling the Enigmatic Puzzle of Human Evolution
Kamothi et al                    Download

12. An overview of Anthelmintics in Helminthic Infections of Domestic Animals

Patel et al                          Download

13. Managing Zoonotic Diseases: Global Challenges
Patel et al                          Download

14. Bioweapons: The Peril of Intentional Zoonotic Disease Releases
Patel et al                          Download

15. Role of Omics Techniques in Veterinary Immunology
Yadav et al                          Download

16. Edible Vaccines for Wild Animals
Yadav  et al                        Download

17. Atopic Dermatitis in Dogs

Vigneshwara  et al           Download

18. Enhancing Wood Quality through Strategic Thinning in Forest Stands

Abbas et al                       Download

19. Conservation Agriculture Way of Agricultural Sustainability
Yadav et al                       Download

20. Zoonotic Diseases and Climate Change: Threats to Global Health
Patel et al                       Download

21. Vegetable micro-greens: A nutritional powerhouse
Chaudhari et al             Download

22. Peri-urban Aquaculture: An Innovative and Sustainable Strategy of Fish Farming
Shrinath et al               Download

23. Insight Into Pemphigus –An Autoimmune Skin Disease
Manjuriya et al               Download

24. An overview of Zoonotic Tuberculosis
Gupta and Singh           Download

25. Diseases in Pigs: Causes and its Prevention and Control
Shashank and Rani      Download

26. Approaches to Produce Quality Seeds in Onion

Fandan et al                 Download

27. Bovine Tuberculosis: A public health concern
Sarma et al                  Download

28. Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP): diagnostics and therapeutics

Sunder et al                  Download

28. Normal Parturition In Dogs- A Review

Srilatha and Phaneendra  Download

29. Effect of Feeding Hydroponics Fodder Is an Alternative Solution for Concentrate Feed in Bovine Nutrition
M.Murali Krishna     Download

30. Indian Scenario of Antimicrobial Resistance In Livestock
Ravikant and  Das     Download

31. Empowering Sugarcane Production in the Indo-Gangetic Plains: The Promise of Bio-Fertilizers and Eco-Friendly Agriculture
Kumar et al                Download

32. One Health Concept in Veterinary Parasitology
Rani and Shashank    Download

33. Caprine Respiratory Diseases
Meena et al                Download

34. Animal Nutrition for augmenting livestock productivity
Meena et al               Download

35. Robotic Technologies: Tools for advance vegetable productions
Chaudhari et al         Download

36. Immunological synapse: An emerging target for immune regulation
Smaraki et al           Download

37. Spinal Muscle Atrophy: A Costly Battle against a Rare Genetic Disorder Worth 16 Crore
Vaidhya et al            Download

38. Management practices of lambs and kids
Reddy et al               Download

39. Postmortem of Laboratory Animals
Singh and Hitesh   Download

40. Control of biohazards associated with use of Experimental animals
Singh and Hitesh   Download

41. Parthenium hysterophorus: Perspectives and Prevention Measures
Manna et al           Download

42. Freeze-dried sperm spotted on paper recovered later to produce offspring
Tapas Goswami    Download

43. Guardians of Health: How the Virome Influences Immunity and Disease
Samanta and Das    Download

44. Toxocara vitulorum infection in buffalo calves and its management
a scientific effort with fruitful results

Rani and Shashank    Download

45. Nutritional Quality of Vegetable Oils
Kumari and Rani       Download

46. Medicinal effects of Annona squamosa
Palai et al                   Download

47. Birds of Paradise
Kanitha and Sakemohammed      Download

48. Antimicrobial Peptides: A Promising Therapeutic Approach to Tackle Antimicrobial Resistance
Das and Samanta     Download

49. Addressing Primary Uterine Inertia Dystocia in Sows: A Therapeutic Approach
Dutt et al                   Download

50. Cutting Edge Techniques in Veterinary / Medical Science
Kumar et al             Download

51. Parasitic Management in Cattle & Buffaloes
Morwal and Kumar             Download

52. An Insight into Physiological and Molecular Basis of Sporophytic Self Incompatibility in Cole Crops
Sulochana et al             Download

53. Menace of mastitis, risk factors and selective therapeutic strategies
Mondal and Mondal           Download

54. Effect of Carvedilol in Portal Hypertensive Gastropathy (PHG)
Chaithra et al                Download

55. Success story of Bypass Protein Technology in India to enhance Milk yield of Cows and Buffaloes
Tej Krishan Walli          Download

56. Tasting Nature's Beauty: Exploring the Delightful World of Edible Flowers
Chandana and Chandan     Download

57. Diagnosis of Poisoning Cases in Veterinary Medicine
Banothu et al                Download

58. Puberty in Dairy Cattle and Buffalo
Kumar et al                 Download

59. Evaluation of panting score to estimate heat stress in buffaloes Category
M. Murali Krishna      Download

60. Oyster Mushrooms: Versatile Mushrooms with Potential Health Benefits
Aditya et al                 Download

61. Optimizing Reproductive Performance in Dairy Cows: Strategic Approaches
Shah et al                   Download

62. Sweet Potato As A Super Food
Pallavi and Anisha    Download

63. Overfishing: A bane for the oceans
Drishya and Vanza    Download

64. Animal Nutrition for augmenting livestock productivity
Juniwal et al            Download

65. Fish Protein Concentrate (FPC): Fueling Health and Sustainability
Tandel et al               Download

66. Recent Advances in Quality Seed production
Chakrawarti and Pandey              Download

67. Role of Vitamin A in Livestock Production
Yadav et al              Download

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