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Vol.3 Issue.4 April, 2023

 1. Fungal Immunity                                
Avani R. Modi                                   Download

 2. Strategic Role of State Agricultural Universities (SAUs) in Rural Development                                
Naaz Bano                                         Download

 3. De-Worming - An Ignored Boon                                 
Pratap and Mishra                           Download

 4. DNA fingerprinting and wildlife forensics                                
Sharma and Sharma                       Download

5. Keeda Jadi is said to be used as a natural steroid                               
Kumar et al                                       Download

6. Immunosuppression and Cancer                             
    Sharma and Sharma                   Download

7. खुर पक्का मुह पक्का / चपका / खुरपा                            
   डॉ. अनिता राठौड़                               Download

8. Diagnostic Cytology in Veterinary Medicine                            
  Meena et al                                    Download

9. Role of Plant Extracts on Growth and Development of
Mulberry and Non-Mulberry Silkworms                            
  Nath et al                                        Download

10. Summer Management of Your Furry Pets                           
  Abinaya and Eazhisai                   Download

11. Role of Biological Control Agents in Integrated Pest
Devi et al                                         Download

12. Hydroponics: Green Fodder Production without Soil                 
Dr. Lakhyajyoti Borah                     Download

13. Antimicrobial resistance in Veterinary Medicine and its effects                 
Gajula et al                                         Download

14. Diet and Gut Microbiota: Understanding the Link for Optimal Health                 
Bansal et al                                         Download

15.Saprolegnia infection: a hurdle in aquaculture                 
Chanu and Thakuria                         Download

16.Seabuckthorn a ‘Super Healthy Fruit’ of Ladakh: Nutritional Value, Health Benefits and Applications                 
Choton et al                                       Download

17.Dental hygiene in Dogs                 
Odedara and Sharma 

18.Precision Livestock Farming Technologies for thermal stress management in Farm animals         
Rajamanickam and 
Visha                Download

19.Traditional Herbs Used in Aquaculture     
R. Mahesh Kumar                           Download

20.Breeds of Cattle in Gujarat: Important for Improvement of Socio Economic Status
Lokendra et al                                 Download

21.Breeds of Sheep and Goat in Gujarat and Their Importance
Lokendra et al                                 Download

22. Body Condition Score: A Tool for Health Assessment in Goat
Gupta et al                                      Download

23. Artificial Intelligence and Its Potential Impact on Society
Vasavi  et al                                   Download

24. Artificial Insemination of Cattle: Current and Future Trends
Dr. Bipasha Goswami                  Download

25. Physiological Importance of Magnesium in Ruminants
Banothu et al                                 Download

26. Post Parturient Hypomagnesemia in Ruminants
Gadige et al                                   Download

27. Glycerol Monostearate (GMS): An Important Agent in Food Industry
Langeh et al                                   Download

28. Techniques for rapid generation advancement in crops
Sharma et al                                   Download

29.Repeat Breeding and Its Therapeutic Management in Dairy Cow: A Review
Thakur et al                                   Download

30.African swine fever: A threat to Indian pigs
Gurjar and Singh                           Download

31.Feeding of Livestock During Scarcity Period
Abinaya and Eazhisai                   Download

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