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Vol.3 Issue.10 Oct, 2023

 1. Hybrid Seed Production of horticultural crops in Koppal district of Karnataka
Veeresh et al                     Download

 2. Seasonal Cultivation of Mushrooms: Growing Fungi in Tune with Nature Rhythms
Aditya et al                     Download

 3. Valorization of fruit and vegetables and its importance
Choudhary and Mogre                    Download

 4. Unlocking Insights: The significance of in vitro cultivation for haemoprotozoan parasites of veterinary importance
     Kajal et al                     Download

 5. Understanding Livestock Behavior: A Key to Successful Farming
     Mahantesh et al                    Download

6. Porcine Circovirus (PCV) in pigs
     Singh et al                    Download

7. Antibiotic Resistance and MRSA: A Challenge to Human and Pet Medicine
 Debnath et al                    Download

8.Bacteriocins and its application in food preservation
     Kour et al                    Download

9.Importance of clean milk production for farmers and consumers
 Uttam et al                   Download

10.The livestock industry and veterinary science: A Must for Increase in Farmer's Income
 Uttam et al                   Download

11.Millet prebiotics modulate gut microbiota and promote health
Babele et al                   Download

12.Harmful Algal Blooms: Counterbalancing Aquatic Ecosystem
Babele et al                Download

13.Enhancing the durability of wood using heat treatment
Thakur et al                Download

14.The Sweet Delight: Exploring the Irresistible World of Gummy Candies
Chauhan et al                Download

15.Viral Vector: An emerging tool for gene therapy
Jogi et al               Download

16. Shri Ram Kumar Singh: A Farmer of Natural Farming
vipin et al               Download

17. Calcium, Electrolytes and Markers in Downer Cow Predictions and Monitoring
  Thamizharasi et al               Download

18. The success story of Goat Farming for livelihood
 Vipin et al               Download

19. Integrated Pest Management of Diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella in cruciferous vegetables
Kumar and Swami             Download

20. Butterflies eyespot
Vijay Kumar             Download

21. Intelligent micro-/nanorobots as smart vehicles for biomedical therapeutic applications.
Wisdom et al        Download

22. Concepts of Metagenomics in Rumen Manipulation
Mahicha et al        Download

23. Feline Zoonotic Diseases
Dr. Chandravathi. T        Download

24. Per-Vaginal Delivery of a Congenital Arthrogryposis Foetus in A Graded Murrah Buffalo- A Case Report
Deepthi and Kumar        Download

25. Role of Nutrient Supplements for Enhancing Milk Production
Kumar and Kaswan        Download

26. Porcine epidemic diarrhoea: an emerging swine enteric coronavirus disease
Singh et al                   Download

27. Medicinal And Nutritional Benefits of Chia (Salvia Hispanica L.)
Dubey et al                   Download

28. Drones: Revolutionizing Indian Agriculture
Thakur et al                  Download

29. Defence Modulators for Enhancing Quality and Disease Resistance in Horticulture Crops
Megha et al                 Download

30. Harnessing the Power of Nature: The Herbal Revolution in Livestock Productivity
Das et al                 Download

31 .Consumer Behaviour Towards Aloe Vera Products
Kumar   et al                Download

32.Therapeutic management of Post Parturient Haemoglobinuria in Cattle
Rathod  et al                Download

33.Biofertilizers: Reduces human & animal hazards
Sanodiya et al            Download

34.Expansion Microscopy-Application and Advantages
Choudhary et al            Download

35. Advantages of Herbal Supplementation in Livestock
Tomar et al             Download

36. In-vitro culture of Orchids through Seeds and other plant parts- where we stand now?
Banik et al             Download

37. Impact of Heat Stress on the Physiological Responses of Buffaloes
Vasantha S.K.I.             Download

38. 100 Years of Horticultural Research in TNAU
Ravindran et al             Download

39. Exploring Insect Gut Microbial Diversity: A Scientific Inquiry
Anto Rashwin A.            Download

40. Check points of kid’s management to identify susceptible animals early and increase the survivability of kids
Chandra et al           Download

41. Blue Tongue in Small Ruminants: An Overview
Mishra et al           Download

42. Plastic Peril: Threatening to Marine Life
M.B.Dabhi           Download

43. Animal Models for Wound Regeneration
Banu et al          Download

44. Animal Models for Wound Regeneration
Banu et al          Download

45. Health Management of Swine
Sharma and Chauhan         Download

46.Empowering women in livestock sector: Revolutionising livestock rearing
Dr. Pravasini Das         Download

47. Growing Beyond Ground: Unravelling the potential of Dutch Bucket Hydroponics
Bhat et al         Download

48. Why cats decline sweet dish but incline to grab fish? Is it due to killer instinct or inherent gene distinct
Tapas Goswami         Download

49. Ecological and environmental benefits of Dhaincha for sustainable Agriculture
Chaturvedi and Singh         Download

50.One World, One Health- A Veterinary perspective
Kumari and Bharti         Download

51.Strategies For Conservation of Animal Genetic Resources
Kumari and Bharti         Download

52.Laminitis in Dairy Animals
Kumari et al          Download

53.Pandemic Preparedness: Navigating Emerging Infectious Diseases for A Safer World
Vaidhya et al          Download

54.De Novo Domestication: An Accelerated Plant Breeding Approach Towards New Crop For Food Security
Ambika          Download

55."Harnessing Ancient Wisdom: Ethnoveterinary Practices for Immunity Enhancement in Livestock to Beat the Heat"
Dr Pravasini Das          Download

56.Vaccinia Viral Vectors and Its applications
Jogi et al             Download

56.Rumen flukes in ruminants

Patel et al             Download

57.Potato in Maharashtra
Deshmukh et al            Download

58. Delicious to Deadly Toxin: Uncovering a Global Culinary Crisis
Gomathy and Arisekar        Download

59. Management of nest box for enhancing egg production in the backyard and deep litter system of poultry production
Prakash et al         Download

Review Article 

15 a. Biological Control of Parasites In Livestock : An Update
Ganguly et al         Download

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